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Laurana's Cuties

Who We Are
We are a sorority of super-stacked sisters living it large on Second Life.

Group Rules
1. You must be 18 years of age or older in real life.
2. Your avatar must maintain a default bust size of 100 inches or larger.
3. Be proud of being very busty. In this group, being massive-chested is a lifestyle.


Places of Interest
Links to places Cuties may find worth visiting, such as stores who sell for busty clothes, implant vendors and clubs friendly to giant boobies. Enjoy.
Our Links Page

The Cutie's Out and About Galleries
When Cuties get together. Click the link to see the latest photos.
September 5th
September 24th

SuperBusty Mistresses - The group's founding members.
Laurana Newell - 104" bustline with Icon implants
Leanna Littlething

Ruling Busty Queen
Belmont Musketeer - 263" bustline

Vast Royal Princesses
Amelia Topaz
Erica Firecaster - 511" bustline
Milky Atlas - 154" bustline

Laurana's Milkmaiden
Fury Rosewood - 104" bustline

MegaVoluptuous Cuties
Alonzis Dryke - 120" bustline
Gersemi Keystrel - 170" bustline with Implant Nation Universals
Janeen Sapphire
Melissa Yeuxdoux - 120" bustline
Mesha Sewell
Roslein Drammond
SuperBelinda Ametza - 114" bustline

Overstacked Cuties
18 Vyper - 110" bustline
Alaana Undercroft
Busty Ember
BustyBecky Lorefield
Dakota Shackleton
Devon Redenblack
Dinky Eppenbeger - with Implant Nation Universals
DreamStarburst Oh - 120" bustline
Elsydeon DeCuir
Faith Woodrunner
Flipper Freng
Gryphie Arrowmint
InflatablePair Eyre
Karl Wasserstrom
Kyria Lisle - 106" bustline
Maxine Inaka
Nevin Korobase - 200" bustline
Sama Halberd
SandwichWith Boucher
Sukie Moyet
Tahnee Danitz
Tamiko Sapphire
Tatsuki Matako