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Laurana's Cuties Out and About - September 5th, 2010

Leanna Littlething, Milky Atlas and Gersemi Keystrel were hanging together at Svellar Labs.

Leanna had to leave but Gersemi and Milky were joined by SandwichWith Boucher.

Then SandwichWith had to go as well, but DreamStarburst Oh came by to hang with the girls.

Later that day, Alonzis Dryke and Gersemi Keystrel met at Minka Pearl's Boobytropolis to celebrate the Day of Size event.

Then Milky Atlas dropped by to join them.

Fantastic furry Flipper Freng showed up and Gersemi asked to take her picture for the site.

Alonzis, Flipper, Gersemi and Milky were all hanging at the Day of Size. Every day is a day of size when the Cuties are around.

The other girls had to take off, but Gersemi and Milky stayed to party at Boobytropolis for a while longer.